On Entering the Age of the Idiot . . . .

We’ve always known they are the true majority.  We’ve managed to keep them cornered most of the time–they aren’t quite sure what it means, but they’re somewhat aware of their own limitations, and they tend to stand back in the face of a hard challenge, sensing their inferiority when brighter souls are within earshot.

But now they’ve organized.  The best analogy I could offer would be imagining that all of the chickens in the world suddenly acquired limited speech and cognitive powers, and staged a coups against Tyson and Perdue and Colonel Sanders, et al.  The mere sight of a talking (if only semi-literate) chicken would surely upset some common preconceptions about reality enough to put a lot of folks on the defensive.  The advent of chickens who think could spawn nightmares and make timid people want to stay indoors.  (Of course, they’ll get there through evolution eventually, assuming their “smarter” humanoid cohabitants don’t destroy everything before it can happen.)



This is about Uber.  I’ve done a lot of research, and I’m seriously considering writing a book about the company.  If I do, it will be called “Uber Ugly,” and it will be an “expose in broad daylight.” (When there aren’t … Continue reading